Five Benefits of Wooden furniture for children

Posted on 05 June 2018

There are quite a number of the benefits that traditional wood furniture and toys have over their plastic equivalents. Here are just five:

  1. Wooden toys are non-toxic and do not contain hazardous chemicals. This is a rarity in our modern day consume and discard society. They are also not a choking hazard like a lot of the plastic toys.
  2. Wooden toys and furniture last a lot longer without breaking than plastic. They are incredibly sturdy and our Tikktokk range is manufactured to last. Wood is a long-lasting and robust material and is the perfect choice for anyone looking for longevity.
  3. Our range of wooden toys provide your child with a stimulating and enjoyable tactile experience. Not to mention teaching your child to use their imagination more, which in turn help developing their creative thinking skills.
  4. This durability ensures that wooden furniture offers excellent value for money and should you ever want to sell a piece of well-looked-after furniture, it can maintain its value over the years.
  5. Wooden furniture are made from natural materials and can be recycled, which means that they are much easier on the environment than the plastic version. The carbon footprint that results from the production and processing of wood products is drastically lower than that for other building materials

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