TikkTokk created the defined the AUSSPASS design definition. All members of our staff have fully adopted and follow it as the guiding principle for our products.

 A ssembly Quick and Easy. Assembly instructions should not be necessary
U niqueness Stands out from the rest. All TikkTokk products have at least one unique useful feature
S afety TikkTokk is about being the safest. Quite often, this is our unique feature
S implicity The best ideas are the most simple. Our designs are our ideas
P ackaging Very tight and strong. Able to avoid handling damage to the product
A ppeal Aesthetically pleasing. More visually appealing than the rest
S trength Design integrity. Vital as this is the key to strength
S pace Efficiency Transport friendly In the new world of the internet, this is more important

TikkTokk Packaging Standard

Increasingly packaging has become more and more critical, not only the look and feel, but also strength, internal movement and convenience. As far as is possible TikkTokk Packaging strives to adheres to the following guidelines at all times ("*" = critical):-

1. Strength
    a. Default is one item per inner carton
    b. Default is thick inner carton (5 layer) for products 5kg plus
    c. Protected corners to 50cm direct-drop *
    d. Protected edges, to 70cm flat-drop *
    e. Protected surfaces to man-with-a-pen test (at full pressure/intent)
    f. Outer Shipping cartons, where total weight is less than 24kgs

2. Internal movement ***
    a. Inner carton is very tight on/around item ***
    b. Main item cannot move in carton ***
    c. Components cannot move in carton ***

3. Look and feel
    a. Default is mono-carton with TikkTokk advanced mono design (see template/s)
    b. Optional; TikkTokk Colour Carton (code=xxx99x-CC) or Tight Plastic Bag Only (code=xxx99x-NC)
    c. Clean product * covered in tight plastic bag *
    d. 4 x 5mm punch-holes in plastic bag for fumo-gas, where required
    e. Display Poster in/on plastic bag
    f. No cello tape on inner cartons (glue or staples where applicable)

4. Convenience
    a. Carry handle on all cartons 2kg to 12kg

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