• Tikktokk Advanced NannyPanel Playpen
  • Tikktokk Advanced NannyPanel Playpen
  • Tikktokk Advanced NannyPanel Playpen
  • Tikktokk Advanced NannyPanel Playpen


Tikktokk Advanced NannyPanel Playpen

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This Playpen is basically the same as the Tikktokk NannyPanel Playpen, except that FOUR of the panels are replaced with TWO special feature panels:- The activity Panel and the gate panel.

Truly the best single-panel playpen the world has to offer! The EIGHT standard and TWO Advanced patented snap together panels make assembly easy, fast, and very sturdy. No more panels falling apart from each other or that can't be assembled because they are too tight. Extendable by simply adding panels.

Unlike others when in the 90 degree position, the TikkTokk Advanced NannyPanel is not a limb entrapment hazard in the specified 30-50mm range. It is taller and will therefore provide longer use. The high quality plastic construction is easy to clean, strong and provides the safest environment for children to play in.

The activity-panel of the TikkTokk Advanced NannyPanel Playpen, was designed to provide maximum Sound, Visual, and Motion/Moto stimulation, all essential for healthy development. Additional to the various motion and visual stimuli, also incorporated is the most significant music device of any playpen available. This music toy plays 57 sounds, generated from four modes, changeable when baby touches the mode-button. Mode changes are confirmed with a clear ‘’tic-toc’’ feedback sound. The ten-key keyboard then changes between various keyboard modes, with real "do-re-me" keys at piano tones, two synthesized modes, as well a 1-to-10 count. The four modes, on the four sound buttons produce different animal, vehicle and two ranges of percussion sounds. An on/off button, not accessible by Baby, exists on the outside of the playpen.
The Gate of the Advanced NannyPanel Playpen operates in either direction and requires a double-action push-and-turn, preventing younger children from being able to open the gate. Additionally, to prevent twisting of the gate, it incorporates a double-strike mechanism.

The Advanced NannyPanel Playpen can be expanded pretty much without limit by adding multiple extra panels, available in the NannyPanel Extension Kit. The Extension kit comprises FOUR panels and adds 370 mm to the length and breadth

Suitable for ages: Birth to around 4 years old or when they can climb out.


  • No Sharp Edges
  • Easy to Store and Transport
  • Spaces Meet Safety Requirements
  • Handy Brightly Coloured Carry Box
  • Competitive Safety Analysis


  • Unique sound, motion and visual stimuli.
  • Can Be Used as a Fence/Barrier
  • Double action twist and turn bi-directional safety gate
  • Tallest Plastic Playpen available
  • Can be used for Multiple Shapes
  • Longest Usage due to Tall Height
  • Quick, Simple, Reliable Assembly
  • Unique Patented Joining Mechanism
  • Safest Plastic Playpen on the Market
  • Easiest Multi Panel Playpen to Assemble
  • Strongest Plastic Playpen on the Market

Assembled Products: 1140 x 1140 x 650 mm
Carton Dimensions: 780 x 660 x 190 mm
Carton Weight: 11 kg

The extension kit adds 370mm to length and breadth
Carton Dimensions: 670 x 410 x 128 mm
Carton Weight: 3 kg

Warranty: 2 year warranty, extendable to 5 years

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